Summer is officially here in a matter of days and if your backyard could use some sprucing up to make it into the perfect summer destination for your family, Concrete Contractors of Macon is ready to help. From resurfaced patios to rescued pool decks and restored walkways and vertical surfaces, very versatile decorative concrete can transform all your spaces in just a few days so you’re ready for anything that summer brings:

  • Impromptu barbeques with friends dropping by
  • Feet up, reading a favorite book on the patio
  • Playing outside with the kids all day long
  • Postponing dinner for more swim time and eating alfresco around the pool

Transform your own backyard into the perfect summer getaway for relaxing and having fun!

Advantages of Having your Own Vacation Place

Why spend money to travel to a resort when you can have the same vacation atmosphere right at home? Make a lasting investment in your home with decorative concrete finishes that can transform all your outdoor spaces, so you’ll feel like you’re at a luxury hotel all summer long. Banish an ugly or boring concrete patio or pool deck with vibrant stained concrete, stamped concrete faux stone designs, or one of our overlay refinishing products and you’ll be ready for anything that summer brings.

Rock-solid, durable decorative concrete floors

Outdoor entertainment areas like patios and pool decks that are exposed to weather assaults year after year can eventually look beyond hope. A lot of contractors have a full range of decorative concrete finishes and overlays that can repair and restore damaged concrete with beautiful, durable finishes that will last for years and look better than you ever thought possible! There are product line has various options for upgrading your backyard without demolition and replacement. We offer concrete stains, polished concrete, restorative finishes and coatings, and resurfaced concrete overlays for creating stenciled, stamped, and hand-cut faux stone or wood designs for floors and vertical surfaces.

Combine decorative concrete finishes for an extraordinary effect, like river rock and stamped Ashlar slate. All of our decorative concrete finishes offer benefits beyond the beauty and economy of resurfacing with the professionals:

  1. Sealed surfaces resist dust and dirt buildup, inhibit mold and bacteria growth, and repel stains and moisture so it’s very easy to keep them clean.
  2. Extreme weather is not a problem, our finishes can withstand hot and cold and wet and dry conditions without deteriorating.
  3. Resistant to chips, cracks, peeling, or UV fading, you can expect your decorative concrete to stay beautiful for years even with continual use.
  4. Functional architecture: seat walls and retaining walls

Turn your patio into an extended living space by creating lush surroundings in your favorite outdoor styles, such as a beach theme, rustic wilderness, English garden, or Club Med. Create an inviting space you want to spend time in for relaxing or entertaining. Set up the barbeque grill, tables and chairs, outdoor rugs, a patio cover, and solar lights to have a patio ready for the day or nighttime activities. The patio will become the favorite summer hangout for the whole family.

A stamped concrete overlay in a wide reclaimed wood plank pattern sets the foundation for an amazing summer of fun! Kids and dogs can play all day without damaging the patio surface; it resists stains, spills, chips, and cracks from food, drink, or rambunctious activity.

Capitalize on the luxury of a pool

If your patio or pool deck space is open and undefined, retaining walls and seat walls can define and dress up your spaces with beauty and functionality. Our seat wall system is a fast and economical way to create faux stone retaining walls, seat walls, or raised garden enclosures. Our system for creating custom walls uses a core of foam liners to create unique curved designs for any shape patio or pool deck, and vertical concrete resurfacing overlays allow for replication of any type of stone, color, or texture to complement your existing hardscapes.

Add interest and functionality by defining entertainment areas with seating and enhancements to magnify the efficiency of your space. Seat walls are a permanent seating solution that adds beauty and year-round functionality around your pool or patio.